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What People Are Saying

Maggie W.

Always fun at Paint With Caleb! He teaches you techniques so you leave with experience, not just an amazing painting!

Ann W.

Caleb is an amazing teacher. I’ve been to a few of his classes. He makes the class fun while we learn. Even I came home with pictures that I have had fun showing to friends. Even able to display a few. Thanks Caleb for sharing your talent 


Josephine M.

Caleb will not only make sure you go home with a beautiful painting, he will leave you feeling better about yourself and what kind of artist you can be. Even if you have never picked up a brush before, a Paint Night with Caleb will bring out your creativity! 😄


Caleb is an AMAZING teacher. He’s so much fun and is very talented. Even in a full class he makes his way around to everyone as many times as you need (and for me that was a lot). He makes each part seem so simple and every panting turns out surprisingly well! Definitely money well spent, each paint night I’ve been to has been so much fun. Can’t recommend more.  

Marie W.

My teenage daughter and I started painting with Caleb just about a year ago. We’ve had so much fun learning and improving our painting skills with Caleb. The greatest thing about Caleb’s classes are that he teaches us some basic art techniques, how to make trees and leaves look more realistic or cartoonish and how to create depth in our paintings, etc. Now my 12 year old son and my mom go with us!  It’s a great night out! Caleb also does great private parties. We hired him for a birthday party for my daughter and 6 teenage friends and they had a blast!

Stephen S.

My wife and I have done two Paint Nights, and I have done a couple more on top of that. Caleb is always very outgoing with his guests and very patient with his little guests. He’s very patient and quick to reassure that everyone is doing a great job. I highly recommend going to his paint nights. He makes it a fun and soothing atmosphere every time.


I love painting with Caleb! I've done a few paint nights with him and each one is so fun! Caleb is the best teacher and so positive and patient. Even if you think you have 0 artistic skills he'll help you have a great time! Definitely recommend this experience!

Tom M.

My wife and I have done 3 paint nights with Caleb. My wife has also done one of the take kits. He is very knowledgeable about painting and makes it fun.

Jared M.

I took my Team from work there and none of us are artists in any way but Caleb helped us every step of the way and we each painted baby yoda and had a blast doing it. It was so much fun!

Missy F.

Caleb is an amazing teacher! I’m not a painter and I’ve had success with every painting Caleb experience! My son took a class from him and absolutely loved it. He is a great teacher and person!

I have done 3 paint nites with Caleb. He is a great instructor that is easy to follow. I love seeing how everyone’s is just a bit different but still beautiful. I really enjoy the feeling of success I have when I have a finished product that I feel is normally beyond my capacity.👍

Emily S.

We had so much fun during our family paint night with Caleb ❤ Totally recommend it, it was our 1st time painting canvases and we still had so much fun 😀

Erika D.

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