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"Dare to Stand Alone" - Print

"Dare to Stand Alone" - Print

PriceFrom $9.00

Fine art prints are availble in the following options:

- 100 lb cardstock

- Giclée* print on premium fine art paper
- Giclée* print on canvas (rolled in tube, 5/8" standard strech, and  1.5" gallery wrap).


These are hand-signed open edition prints. Limited edition prints are not currently availble at this time. The watermark visible in the top-left corner will not be included in your purchased print. 




Please allow up to 1-3 week for processing. For rush orders, custom sizes, or any other requests/questions, please contact us at 


*What is a giclée print?

Giclée printing involves using specialized printers that use a combination of high-resolution and archival-quality inks to produce prints with exceptional color accuracy and longevity.

Giclée prints are often used for reproducing artworks, photographs, and other images with a level of detail and color fidelity that closely matches the original. The use of archival-quality inks and acid-free, archival-grade paper or canvas contributes to the longevity of giclée prints, making them resistant to fading and deterioration over time. When properly cared for, they can last for several decades or even longer. Some estimates suggest that giclée prints can maintain their color and detail for 100 years or more.

Artists and photographers often choose giclée printing for limited edition prints or reproductions of their work, as it allows them to maintain a high level of quality and fidelity in the reproductions. The process has become a popular choice in the art world for its ability to replicate the look and feel of traditional art mediums while providing a level of precision and control that digital technology allows.

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